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Joseph Syddall artist

I recently picked up an oil painting by #JosephSyddall. Joseph Syddall (1864 – 1942) was born in Old Whittington near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The son of a master carpenter he started his working life as a clerk in a solicitor’s office. … Continue reading

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Jean Dryden Alexander artist

A look at a local artist, today. #JeanDrydenAlexander (1911 – 1994) was born at Priest Cottage, Shenfield, Essex. Her father (RGD Alexander) and mother (Effie Alexander) were well known watercolours. Through her parents circle of artist friends she met people … Continue reading

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Art From Ceylon

The country once known as #Ceylon is now since 1972 known as Sri Lanka.  At the time that these four paintings were done the WWII was possibly just over. I would love to tell you about these paintings and whom … Continue reading

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Art on the Move

The holiday season draws to a close and I and my wife have have just returned from a short break with our dear friends in Wales.  And as is my wont, I bought some art.  After loading the car and … Continue reading

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Art of Speculation

I, sometimes, when I am doing research on a new acquisition allow myself the liberty to dream.  The chance of finding a masterpiece is minute but one can dream.  Why not join me in a bit of speculation and then … Continue reading

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Art at Sea

The sea as plays a big part in the of history of this area.  The first etching portrays King Edmund as he comes ashore at Hunstanton in East Anglia.  Edmund landed on Hunstanton beach in 855AD.  This son of a German … Continue reading

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Discoveries in Arts

Lately, I have found a new delight in the art which surrounds me day to day.  Much of this art comes from previous centuries but not all. It is art which has caught my eye and is not neccessarily worth … Continue reading

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