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Art of the Hunt

The two images which follow might stir emotions and feelings especially if you are an animal lover.  They present a sport that is no longer valued in this country or time.  Both  are by artist Samuel Howitt.  Samuel Howitt (1756-1822) … Continue reading

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Art at Sea

The sea as plays a big part in the of history of this area.  The first etching portrays King Edmund as he comes ashore at Hunstanton in East Anglia.  Edmund landed on Hunstanton beach in 855AD.  This son of a German … Continue reading

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Art of Neighbourhood

Down the road a number of mile lies a city called Cambridge. It is well known world wide for the Colleges of the University of Cambridge. The most famous is of course Kings’ College with its’ chapel. I have in … Continue reading

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Art as Historical Perspective

Here is a lithograph which I picked up recently. No signature, no date, no identifying marks at all. So, why talk about this picture. Well. It could be up to 200 years old since lithography was developed in 1796 or … Continue reading

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Art in Landscape

Recently, my wife and I visited Northern Ireland for a holiday.  We rented a small cottage on a farm where they stable horses, give riding lessons and teach show jumping.  The setting was I lovely.  Looking out of the French … Continue reading

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Art of Courtly Love

I purchased the previous chapters lithograph and the one on the left at the same time.  The quality of the work is what struck me first. For lithographs which are near or over 100 years old the colours are absolutely wonderful. … Continue reading

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Art as Purveyor of Beauty

The lovely young woman on the left is (I believe) Emma Hamilton, who began life as Amy Lyon.  She was the daughter of a blacksmith but she had big dreams.  Dreams of wealth and prosperity.  Emma moved to London, centre of wealth … Continue reading

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