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Art of a Different Medium

While collecting, I have purchased beautiful objects which might be considered artistic but they do not fall into what one might call the focus of my collection.  Most of my collection is of paintings and prints.  Today, I present to … Continue reading

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Art with Dogs

Dogs appear in art both as subject or background.  As with the human form, the depiction of animals is not easy.  The misalignment of a single line can make very very fine rendition into an abstract view. We, not just artists, like … Continue reading

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Art of the Ungava

One might consider that with a name like ‘the Ungava’ that this chapter might be about a place in Africa but ‘Ungava’ is actually found in northern Canada.  I came across a booklet  or catalogue in my travels.  It’s focus … Continue reading

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Art Mediums

The great variety of mediums which artists can use and do use expands the realm of what we call art.  The items in my collection do not reflect the multitude of artistic mediums which exist but every once in a … Continue reading

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