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Caroline Crossland and Asun Balzola

One could be forgiven if recognition of the names in the title were to elude oneself.  You might have had a better chance if you were a young child, for both #CarolineCrossland and #AsunBalzola are children’s book illustrators.  I came … Continue reading

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Jane Elizabeth Giraud

#JaneElizabethGiraud (1810-1868) is a name that few will know but she deserves to be well-known.  She was a well respected artist and lithographer in her day.  Even to the the point of being appointed lithographer to the queen.  This meant … Continue reading

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Rothenburg Etching

As I slowly collect pieces, I find that my appreciation for etching an ever growing thing.  This week I acquired six etchings by the same artist.  The etchings are signed but I have yet to decipher the signature. The only … Continue reading

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The New London Magazine

#TheNewLondonMagazine was founded in the 1730’s and ran as a ‘monthly repository of knowledge, instruction, and entertainment’ for many years.  It’s monthly publication relied on numerous correspondents who provided curious and ingenious essays in prose and verse. The book I … Continue reading

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