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The Art of Victor Noble Rainbird

Today, we visit a northern artist by name of #VictorNobleRainbird (1888-1936). He was born in North Shields in the U.K. His early education was at Armstrong College – now Newcastle University. His studies were highlighted by several awards. He further … Continue reading

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Jane Elizabeth Giraud

#JaneElizabethGiraud (1810-1868) is a name that few will know but she deserves to be well-known.  She was a well respected artist and lithographer in her day.  Even to the the point of being appointed lithographer to the queen.  This meant … Continue reading

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Art of ‘The Shambles’

‘#TheShambles’ or ‘Shambles’ is an old street in York although it can refer to the  maze of twisting, narrow lanes which make York so charming. It contains over-hanging timber-framed buildings some from the 14th century.  In some places it is … Continue reading

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Art of Towers

As I travel visiting the beautiful sites of this country, one is always drawn to the great historical and religious buildings which one finds all across this nation.  #York is one of those beautiful cities.  Filled with history both sacred … Continue reading

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Art of Speculation

I, sometimes, when I am doing research on a new acquisition allow myself the liberty to dream.  The chance of finding a masterpiece is minute but one can dream.  Why not join me in a bit of speculation and then … Continue reading

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