Art of Towers

As I travel visiting the beautiful sites of this country, one is always drawn to the great historical and religious buildings which one finds all across this nation.  #York is one of those beautiful cities.  Filled with history both sacred and secular. a city which has had great effect upon the direction which this country has travelled.

Holy Trinity, Micklegate, Yorkby Joseph Pike @ 1910

Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York
by Joseph Pike @ 1910

It is said that #JosephPike was a very happy person -happy in his work, happy in his home, happiest in his Church.  An artist with little aptitude for business, he never made much money.  He shunned publicity and abhorred advertisement, so much so that outside of a few close friends and family none knew of his passing without nearly a month having passed.  Such was his humility.

After his schooling , Joseph Pike worked for John Hardman Studios(renowned Victorian stained glass makers) in Birmingham until WWI.  After the war he became an a freelance artist illustrating a number of books.  Then followed a style which Joseph Pike preferred and practised to perfection.  The art of pencil studies or drawing.

This drawing shows the corner of Micklegate and Priory Streets with the tower of Holy Trinity Church rising above in the background.  I find it interesting that Mr Pike has misspelled the street name in the title of his work (seen lower left).  A realistic image of this place since in the York Museum an oil painting hangs by J H Bakes (1931) showing almost the exact same perspective with some small architectural changes.

Lincoln Cathedralunknown artist

Lincoln Cathedral
unknown artist

From Steep Hill Street in Lincoln, we look upwards to the twin towers of #LincolnCathedral.   A watercolour by an unknown artist gives an interesting perspective on the west end of the cathedral.  Drawn at the intersection of Michaelgate, Bailgate, and Steep Hill streets, it displays quite a contemporary image.  A nice rendering , I think, of the west end towers of the cathedral.


And finally an image(please click rectangle to view) of #ElyCathedral by F B Strevens, an Ely resident for a number of years.  It is quite a naive depiction but still has something about it which says look at me.  And I do enjoy looking at it. I hope you do to.

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