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Art of Line & Colour 2

A little over a year ago I discussed a local artist by name of #PeterNuttall and I have managed to add a third piece by this artist to my collection.  Another local artist will also be covered in this chapter. … Continue reading

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Art of Postcards

Postcards are not something which I deliberately search for when looking at art to expand my collection but the other day I did add some postcards to my collection.  I chose these 26 postcards since they were from 1907  and … Continue reading

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Art of Richard Doyle

In my eclectic collection, I have several books which might be considered art.  They are mostly ‘old’ and one of my favourites must be Richard Doyle’s (1824-1883) #InFairyland,aSeriesofPicturesfromtheElfWorld.  ‘In Fairyland’ is most certainly Doyle’s masterpiece. The book has been described … Continue reading

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