Art of Line & Colour 2

A little over a year ago I discussed a local artist by name of #PeterNuttall and I have managed to add a third piece by this artist to my collection.  Another local artist will also be covered in this chapter.

Girl with Violin by Peter Nuttall 1997

Girl with Violin
by Peter Nuttall 1997

A wonderful piece to add to my collection.  It is so typically Peter Nuttall.  A sublime yet minimalistic line drawing – then with a ochre wash added.  There is no excess of line here. Just the necessary with which to portray  the girl playing her violin as she leans upon a tree beneath the moon.  A warmth of colour endued by the wash gives a soft welcome to our intrusion into this young ladies melancholic moment.  Is it possible that the image was inspired by the song ‘Moonlight Serenade’ one verse of which is cited here below

“The stars are aglow and tonight how their light sets me dreaming
My love, do you know that your eyes are like stars brightly beaming?
I bring you and I sing you a moonlight serenade”

We move to an artist who, alas, is no longer with us.

Lidia by Richard Sell in conte crayon

by Richard Sell in conte crayon

#RichardSell was a teacher and artist. Not only an artist but a lithographer.  A patient man for he did not work with metal plates as so many of today’s artists but he loved to work with stone.  His patient, unhurried style was a boon when working his stones.  He was also a portraitist of rare quality.  A superb draughtsman, he was greatly in demand for his pencil portraits, particularly from members of Cambridge University.  He loved the intricacies of ancient architecture and the “Cambridge Lace” or ornamental wrought-iron work in Cambridge.

A fine work from a talented artist.

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