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Art Surrounds Me

For the last four weekends, we in Cambridgeshire have enjoyed the ‘Open Studio’ programme which kindly allows people such as myself (an art lover) to enter into artists’ studios and look at their work and even watch them at work. … Continue reading

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Art in 2D and 3D

The reality which we look at in a picture is but a moment, a two dimensional moment with apparent depth and perspective. But the actual history and reality of what we are looking at is likely unknown to us. It … Continue reading

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Art of Home

Having moved across the ocean from the place where I was born has not always been easy. I do not regret having done so, for I and my family have been greatly blessed but there are things I miss – … Continue reading

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Art in Myth and Reality

I begin this weeks blog with a piece of work by the Swiss-born artist, Angelica Kauffman, who had a profound career as a neo-classical painter and who was a founding member of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1768. The … Continue reading

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Art in Conflict

Now-a-days we have reporters who are on the front lines of conflicts around the world sending us images of life on the battles edge. Some of the artists that I have already talked about like William Simpson and Paul Mansard … Continue reading

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