Art in Myth and Reality

I begin this weeks blog with a piece of work by the Swiss-born artist, Angelica Kauffman, who had a profound career as a neo-classical painter and who was a founding member of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1768. The print in my collection was published on 10th April, 1788 by Robert Sayer of 53 Fleet Street, London. It is an image of Diana bathing while being attended to by four nymphs. As you can see from the photo the image shows its’ age with some slight discolouring and a small crease at the bottom. It is circular in design and done in stipple and etching with red-brown ink. If images on line are correct the image I have is a mirror of the oil painting held by ‘The Art Gallery of South Australia, in Adelaide. Why this is so I do not know but the British Museum hold a print by Robert Samuel Marcuard which is also a reverse of the oil painting.

Diana and Nymphs
pub Robert Sayer, 10 April 1788

The next item is a small charcoal and wash drawing of ‘Bab El Zuela’ in Cairo. The comment at the bottom of the picture is in French. It is dated 19 April ’28 (I believe 1928 but maybe 1828 – I don’t know) and the signature is not readable by me. It is a street scene with a minaret and mosque in the background found somewhere in the Coptic quarter in Cairo. A quickly drawn sketch for use late to produce a more formal picture or possibly a hand drawn postcard for a friend.It exudes the vibrancy of the market on the street with life’s reliance on faith in the background.

Bab el Zuela le Caire
19 April ’28, signature unknwon

The next find is a charcoal drawing by T I Blackburn. Don’t know anything about the artist but the drawing is dated 1901. In some ways crude and yet has something to it that makes you look. In some ways it is ‘Constable like’ as he drew country scenes also much like this. I don’t know where this mill is but I do hope it still stands and is in use to some extent. As to the horse and cart, they might be stuck they might not – don’t want to get my feet wet .

Mill Scene
T I Blackburn 1901

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