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Art Recycled

For my work, I try to re-cycle and re-use as many materials I can.  If I cannot, I give materials to my local recycling centre and they sell them on for quite reasonable prices.  I have also bought a number … Continue reading

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Art a la Latouche

#LouisLatouche (1829-1884) is a name that is not well known to people and possibly even to experts but to a few very famous artists he was well known.  Latouche was a painter.  His applications to exhibit his paintings at the … Continue reading

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Art from a Folio

As with last weeks chapter the images in this chapter come from a folio created by a single artist, I believe. The artist has not signed his works and all the works are created after other famous artists paintings.  Artists … Continue reading

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Art of Birds

When one considers birds in art one must consider ornithologists by the names of #PrideauxJohnSelby (1788-1867) and #JohnGould (1804-1881). A pair of British ornithologists who were and still are renowned for their studies of birds. I have only one etching … Continue reading

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