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Art of Myles Birket Foster

Today a chapter on one of the most popular artists of the Victorian period.  He was both illustrator and watercolourist – expert in both.  Born in 1825 , the seventh child of a brewer his talent as an artist was … Continue reading

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Art of St Paul’s Cathedral

When visiting #London, one of the sites to see is #St.Paul’sCathedral. I have been a number of times and this chapter is about some of the artworks which I have in regards to St. Paul’s.  Most are from regular points … Continue reading

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Art of Sister Maria Innocentia

Few will recognize the name of Sister Maria Innocentia, which is the name she took when she became a nun.  But at the mention of her last name many will associate ceramic figurines with her for her last name was … Continue reading

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Art in Atlas Form

Certainly, I enjoy looking at the maps which I have but not until I collected a few had I really considered them as an art form.  In fact they are a very specific art form which has both beauty and … Continue reading

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