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Emmanuel Mane-Katz

An artist who loved more than one country. #EmmanuelMane-Katz was born in the Ukraine. He use to say his real home was Paris (He became a French citizen) but his spiritual home was Israel where he is buried. His Jewish … Continue reading

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Art of Myles Birket Foster

Today a chapter on one of the most popular artists of the Victorian period.  He was both illustrator and watercolourist – expert in both.  Born in 1825 , the seventh child of a brewer his talent as an artist was … Continue reading

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Art Over-shadowed

At times artists, although finely talented, are over-shadowed by others or even the place which they portray.  Two artists who might be in this category are Thomas Bushby and Joseph Middleton Jopling. We begin with #ThomasBushby (1861-1918).  An artist who … Continue reading

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