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Art of Speculation

I, sometimes, when I am doing research on a new acquisition allow myself the liberty to dream.  The chance of finding a masterpiece is minute but one can dream.  Why not join me in a bit of speculation and then … Continue reading

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Art of Youth

The portrayal of children in art can be and often is quite idealized.  The first artwork pictured here is such a work. When I first saw it from a distance, I thought it to be fairly impressionistic in style and … Continue reading

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Forgotten Art

I have had in my possession for many years a print, so many years that I do not remember how or where I acquired this print.  I know that the print shows the meeting of the Leprozengracht canal and the … Continue reading

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Art of bygone times

I have added three item to my wall this week, two prints and one charcoal sketch.  When I say bygone in the title to this chapter, you might consider that one of the three items isn’t really that old.  I … Continue reading

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