Art Mediums

The great variety of mediums which artists can use and do use expands the realm of what we call art.  The items in my collection do not reflect the multitude of artistic mediums which exist but every once in a while I acquire a medium not yet in my small collection.

In the Welsh Valleypencil, wax & oil crayonby Alec Pearson

In the Welsh Valley
pencil, wax & oil crayon
by Alec Pearson

This unique and beautiful image of the welsh valleys, is a creation by artist #AlecPearson.  Mr. Pearson was a teacher for most of his working life but in 1974 he left the  field of education to become a full time artist.  His use of various artistic mediums eventually settled in the direction of tapestry weaving.  The image to the right and it’s wonderful colouring could possibly have been an artist’s study for a weaving (12′ x 12′).  It is easy to imagine this picture hung on an expanse of bare wall.  The mist shrouded hillside holds the village in opacity.  The lakes high and low speak of a fertility and lusciousness to life but the purple draped hillsides tell a different story. A tale of toil and struggle against the elements that surround us at all times.

What comes next comes from an artist whose prolific output did not diminish the quality of her work.  Today, #CatharinaKlein is mostly remembered as an artist who painted still-life images produced mainly for the greeting card and postcard industry.

Yellow Roseschromolithographby Catharina Klein

Yellow Roses
by Catharina Klein

Catharina Klein (1861 -1926) produced some 2000 different still life images which today exist only on postcards, calendars, and advertisements   She painted from real life examples so that inadvertently she documented varieties of fruits and flowers which are now considered to be rare.  The lithograph pictured is roughly 6″ by 12″ in image size and is a wonderful study.

Two lovely images from very different artists with greatly varied skills.  Both display an artistic eye with a view of portraying reality with an individualistic twist.

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