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Edmund Morrison Wimperis painter

I came across a rough watercolour the other day and although only a sketch it had something about it. An efficient artist, one who was use to working quickly and in sittu. The small watercolour had a monogram on it … Continue reading

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Duncan Grant artist

A little over 5 years ago, I wrote a chapter on a sequence of prints displaying their progression through subsequent states. I, at that time, had another set of prints which until this past week remained unattributed. By accident, I … Continue reading

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Stybarrow Crag, Ullswater

Having been to the Lake District on vacation, I can attest that it is truly one of those beautiful places which one should not miss. Around every corner traveled lies another vista worth stopping and taking in. Leave your car … Continue reading

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Naive Art

I come across pieces of naive art as I continue to build my collection.  #NaiveArt has a child-like quality but is not childish in any way.  Often one considers that the creators of this type of art are untrained but that … Continue reading

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Art of Burma

As I procure works for my collection, it rarely occurs that I find a set or series of pieces by the same artist.  Today, I found a set of four works by the same artist.  The artist, #MuangLarBan, was from … Continue reading

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Art as Historical Perspective

Here is a lithograph which I picked up recently. No signature, no date, no identifying marks at all. So, why talk about this picture. Well. It could be up to 200 years old since lithography was developed in 1796 or … Continue reading

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