Naive Art

I come across pieces of naive art as I continue to build my collection.  #NaiveArt has a child-like quality but is not childish in any way.  Often one considers that the creators of this type of art are untrained but that is often not the case.  It is characterized by it’s simplicity and by the freedom afforded the artist.  Rules do not apply in regards to perspective, composition, and colouring.  Naïve Art also expresses a sense of joy, happiness, spontaneity, and the combining of these elements often results in an unbalanced, but extremely suggestive form of beauty.

New York by Day lithograph by Shalom Moskovitz @ 1980's

New York by Day
lithograph by Shalom Moskovitz @ 1980’s

We begin with #ShalomMoskovitz an Israeli artist from the town of Safed.  Shalom worked for most of his life as a watchmaker.  At the age of 55, as his eyesight weakened he turned to the painting of toys and then to pen and watercolours.   He became an internationally famous naïve painter.  He was the only truly indigenous Eretz Yisraeli naive artist.  Self-taught and embodying a unique talent, he became the only great biblical illustrator Israel ever produced.  He was recognized internationally as one of the outstanding naives of the second half of this century.

Findhorn, Scotland by Alex McAdam

Findhorn, Scotland by Alex McAdam

#AlexMcAdam is a Glaswegian, who after serving in the forces lived a Bohemian life in Greece, Israel, and Holland. He returned to Scotland in 2009.  He is a double amputee but still has a zest for life, which is reflected in his personality and his paintings.

Two naive artists which deserve their fine reputations.  I have learned to look at naive art with a different eye and have a deeper appreciation of it.

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2 Responses to Naive Art

  1. Justyn says:

    Hi Ron
    I recently purchased an Alex McAdam painting. I can’t find any information on this artist except on your blog. Where did you find information on this artist?

    • ronald972 says:

      I am trying to recollect the site where I found my info on Mr McAdam. So far, I have failed. I recall it was quite a circuitous route and time consuming search. I will keep trying and let you know where and when I do. I try to make sure that what I print is correct and am sure that what I wrote was found on the web. Apologies for the lack of info so far.

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