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Wenceslaus Hollar Etchings

I have mentioned #WenceslausHollar previously as part of an earlier chapter. I acquired another small etching by him this past week but we will begin with a quick recap of the earlier chapter. The etching comes from Hollar’s work illustrating … Continue reading

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Statuum Marocca Norum

#StatuumMaroccaNorum is the title of a map which was created  by #JohannChristianHomann in 1728.  I like to call my version of this map ‘Beware the leviathan’ The map is large and graphic.. Little tent cities display the domains of the … Continue reading

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Bayard’s Cove

This chapter is about a picture which I talked about two weeks ago in a post called ‘Art Unsigned’.  I have continued to research the watercolour and have found new facts and some interesting proofs which arise in regards to … Continue reading

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Art on Sale

A local charity had a sale these last few days.  They had a sale on picture frames.  I don’t usually buy frames unless they are something very special, I am more concerned with what they hold and display.  I purchased … Continue reading

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Art at Sea

The sea as plays a big part in the of history of this area.  The first etching portrays King Edmund as he comes ashore at Hunstanton in East Anglia.  Edmund landed on Hunstanton beach in 855AD.  This son of a German … Continue reading

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Art in Landscape

Recently, my wife and I visited Northern Ireland for a holiday.  We rented a small cottage on a farm where they stable horses, give riding lessons and teach show jumping.  The setting was I lovely.  Looking out of the French … Continue reading

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