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Montague Dawson marine artist

Recently, a charity I frequent held a sale. I could not go in the morning due to other obligations but went in the afternoon even though I figured most things would be well picked through. There were very few pictures … Continue reading

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Nicholas Pocock marine artist

A small watercolour by artist #NicholasPocock was added to my collection this week but it is the sketch on the verso that is more of interest. Pocock (1740-1821) is known for his detailed paintings of naval battles during the age … Continue reading

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Expansive Art

I live in a part of the country which is quite flat  and I am also a hour from the coast.  Some people consider the fen landscape boring but when one stands out in the fields and looks over the … Continue reading

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Art at Sea

The sea as plays a big part in the of history of this area.  The first etching portrays King Edmund as he comes ashore at Hunstanton in East Anglia.  Edmund landed on Hunstanton beach in 855AD.  This son of a German … Continue reading

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