Marine etching

As I have have been collecting , I have come across some superb etchings. It is true that I think the art of etching/engraving is under-valued by the art world and general public. There are, of course, those few like Rembrandt, Hollar, Holl, Bartolozzi whose name you might recognise but even their etchings are usually a side display rather than the focus of an exhibition. I cannot attribute the etching we will look at in this chapter, but suffice it to say that it is a truly fine piece of work.

A marine etching. A harbour view – possibly Dordrecht harbour. I am guessing that this work is of Dutch origin and since it is on laid paper printed prior to 1850. What one does see when your look at this work is the sublime tonal quality achieved by this artist. The exactness and finesse allows one to enlarge the image and see the individuals in the boats and ships. The workmanship seen in the clouds, the rippling water, and the shadows is sublime. It presents a depth and variance of tone which is only seen in the work of a master.

After more research, I believe, I can attribute this etching to #EgideFrancoisLeemans (1839-1883). He was a Belgian painter and engraver who lived in Antwerp and is best know now for his realistic waterscapes, harbour scenes, and seascapes. He specialised in evening and moonlit scenes with special attention to the reflections on the water. The title for this etching is #KanalinDordrecht.

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