St. Etienne du Mont

If you have visited Paris, you might have gone to #StEtienneduMont. It is a Catholic Church located near the Pantheon. It is considered as one of the most beautiful churches in Paris. It is known for it’s curved access from the nave to the transept, its’ carved stone rood screen done by Father Baird, Father Bairds’ chair which was designed by Laurent de La Hyre and sculpted by Claude Lestocart. It also boasts the oldest organ casement in all of Paris. The church also contains a shrine which held relics of St Genevieve but they were unceremoniously disposed of into the Paris sewers in 1793. The church also contains the tombs several well known Frenchmen, among them, mathematician/physicist #BlaisePascal and dramatist #JeanRacine.

St Etienne du Mont etching St Etienne du Mont etching

The etching which shows St Etienne du Mont is not of the marvellous rood screen, nor the amazing spiral staircases, nor of the ornate pulpit but the artist gives us a view of the high altar from the east end behind the pillars and beneath an arch.  Using the arch gives us, the viewers, a unique vantage to appreciate the craftsmanship of the architect and builder. The worshippers are dwarfed by the immensity and weight of this place. An atmosphere of awe is created as we look towards the heart of this holy place. This unknown artist has privileged us with a look into awe and holiness through his talents.

Please forgive me but I have of course missed out a renowned personage involved with St Etienne. #MauriceDurufle – organist, improviser, and composer – held the post of Titular Organist at St Etienne du Mont from 1929 to his death in 1986.

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