LS Lowry artist

I added a somewhat unique piece to my collection this week. A lithograph by #LSLowry. Over the time I have been collecting art, I have come across a number of prints by Lowry but up till now they have been recent printings. Nice to look at but truly not of much interest. But today, I came across a lithograph created for a 1940’s initiative called “School Prints Series”. David and Brenda Rawnsley wanted to bring contemporary art to young children via their school. Lithographs for the series were commissioned from several of the most important living artists for the scheme and then sold to schools. Some 6000 prints were made and sold at £3 per print. Most have disappeared or been destroyed over time.

The images were to be in no more than six colours and were printed by Baynards Press. Images came from artists like Lowry, Nash, and Moore. The only brief they were given was “I only ask that you create something suitable for children”. IMG_0052Lowry is best known for images of ‘match-stick’ men and animals within the backdrop of industry. Urban landscapes of factory walls, belching chimneys, looming mills, with streets teeming with figures, moving in waves towards, or away from, mill gateways, mines, football matches, and political meetings. This is the classic image of the North of England from years past. Wonderfully executed in stunning colours and an expert hand.

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