Miniatures 1

Although I have a number of small artworks, I, for me, like to reserve the term miniature for works 2″ or smaller. This makes their creation very precise work indeed. We begin with an ormolu box with a ladies portrait on the lid. #Ormolu is a technique for applying finely ground high carat gold onto bronze. The process which is not used anymore involved the use of mercury. This usually led to the early death of practitioners of the process. The oblong box was most likely meant to hold trinkets or possibly jewellery. Items like this one often bear the semblance of the recipient. I cannot say who the young lady in the hat is (slight semblance to Marie Antoinette) and the painting is unsigned. The only clue to the maker are the initials ‘AF’ on the inner lip of the lid. The second item today is another trinket box which comes from Germany. It bears the portrait of Napoleon. The mark on the bottom is the St Kilian hallmark. It was used by the Oscar Schlegelmilch factory in Thuringia, Germany. The trinket box dates to the early 1900’s. Here once again one can see the finesse of the artist. The fine brush work and colouring.

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