Stipple Engraving

I have been blogging in regards to art for over 5 years and I have done a great amount of research and looked at a huge amount of art over that time. This does not make me an expert but it does mean that I now recognise some artists and their techniques. Such is the case with this chapters work. The engraver, #FrancescoBartolozzi (1727-1815) has featured in a number of my previous posts and this week I acquired an engraving which although is unsigned is certainly by Bartolozzi. He was an Italian engraver whose most productive period occurred during his residence in London. For close to 40 years, he resided in London. During his working life he produced an enormous number of engravings A great number of his works were after fellow artists, especially Cipriani and Angelica Kauffman. At some point in his career, he worked on a series of etchings portraying children playing. I have seen nine different portrayals: swinging, playing at marbles, playing shuttle-cock, playing at hot cockles, playing thread the needle, playing with a mouse, playing trap ball, playing hunt the slipper, and feeding chickens. The engraving I came across is called ‘Seesaw’ (title in pencil on a separate backing sheet of paper). It shows the same set of children from the other engravings enjoying themselves. The engraving is an early pressing for no title nor accreditation to artist has yet been etched onto the plate. A fine example of the masters workmanship.

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