Two Modern European Artists

We will start today with a piece which has been in my collection for a number of years. #KarlEwaldOlszewski (1884-1965) was a German artist who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and later in Paris. He began as a portrait artist favouring his mother and his niece as his subjects. After his move to Mecklenburg with its rolling hills, lakes and Baltic coast a change in his subject matter was seen to occur.

Swans in Flight – watercolour by Karl Ewald Olszewski

Karl became famous as a bird painter. He painted storks, eagles, moor snipe, swans, geese, seagulls, herons, ducks and crows in their natural habitat. He spent several months each year around Mecklenburg painting and sketching.

The above watercolour is typical of his style. There is a unity between air, sea, earth and feathered fowl. An expertly rendered piece.

We now move to France to visit with Polish artist, #AgaWerner (1969- . She works in pen, oils, and engraving. Her specialty is freehand architectural drawing which she also teaches through her studio. Her drawing skills are used by architects and designers to display their concepts. She is also a skilled life drawing artist displaying the human body. Below is a fine example of her freehand drawing style showing part of the facade of #LaFregateRestaurant in Paris.

Detail of Restaurant La Fregate, Paris architectural drawing by Aga Werner
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