Robert Kilpatrick artist

Our artist today comes from Scotland who was a local favourite in the area around the town of St. Monans. #RobertKilpatrick (act. 1935 – 1950) worked mostly in watercolour with a few excursions into oils. He, mostly, painted scenes of harbours and coastal scenes.

De Hoop Molen, Overijsel – watercolour by Robert Kilpatrick

The piece,I picked up is a very fine watercolour of #DeKoopMolen in #Overijsel, Holland. The Mill was built in 1839 and was used to grind corn. One of the features, I like is the second mill in the distance. A very different style of mill. The near mill has a rotating top section allowing the sails to catch the wind while the far mill itself is set on a swivel at its base allowing the whole mill to revolve.

To end, I thought I’d show an old drawing I recently acquired. It displays an image with a monogram amid crossed anchors with a banner atop reading ‘Mens cujusque is est Quisque’. It translates into ‘the mind is the man’. This was the ate which #SamuelPepys put at the end od all the books in his library. A different bookplate was placed at the front of each book.

Drawing of Samuel Pepys bookplate
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