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Robin Anderson artist

Lately, we have been celebrating women artists and women in all fields of work and life . Today, I would like to take you to Kenya to see one of the countries (if not the African continent) premier women artist … Continue reading

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Wensley Mill, Yorkshire

My wife and I have decided that a short holiday up north would do us good. There are a number of places which I am tempted to visit on the way. I have a number of pieces of art which … Continue reading

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Drawings from an Earlier Time 2

We spent most of last weeks chapter in the middle of England.  This week as we continue with our unknown artist’s travels we journey north to Morpeth and then south to Gloucester and Worcester.  Again all drawing are from around … Continue reading

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Art of Bridges

Man has built things to assist his development from his beginning.  #Bridges and their development through time epitomise the changes in design and materials available to man’s ingenuity. So two very different bridges ancient and modern from two different parts … Continue reading

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Art in Relaxation

In this country, we love to flock to the beach on a sunny summer’s day.  We picnic, we stroll and amble the seashore.  This has gone on for many a year.  In years past it was recommended by one’s physician … Continue reading

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Discoveries in Arts

Lately, I have found a new delight in the art which surrounds me day to day.  Much of this art comes from previous centuries but not all. It is art which has caught my eye and is not neccessarily worth … Continue reading

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