Art in Relaxation

In this country, we love to flock to the beach on a sunny summer’s day.  We picnic, we stroll and amble the seashore.  This has gone on for many a year.  In years past it was recommended by one’s physician to ‘take the air or water’ at certain places.  Now-a-days we call it unwinding or de-stressing.  Often ,if one could afford it, one would travel to a recommended ‘spa’ in another country specialising  in some cure or other.  Sometimes, we go to a place because it is just beautiful.

The Salmon Leap, Leixlip unsigned aquatint @ 1800

The Salmon Leap, Leixlip
unsigned aquatint
@ 1800

#The Salmon Leap, Leixlip, Ireland was described in 1840 “…one of the most beautiful bits of scenery in the kingdom … the roar of the waterfall greets the ear, and through some skilfully formed breaks among the foliage that skirts the river occasional glimpses of it are caught . The cataract is of great width and very picturesque in character. The waters glide onwards in a smooth but rapid current and dash down the rocky steep.”

The Salmon Leap was a favourite destination for picnic parties for the citizens of Dublin. Excursions would be made and respite taken on the grassy shore, or on the broad, tabular rocks, which in the dry season are left bare by the fallen waters, and afford convenient platforms for the accommodation of the gay groups assembled there, who,

“Forth from the crowded city’s dust and noise,

Wander abroad to taste pure Nature’s joys;

To laugh and sport, and spend the live-long day,

In harmless merriment and jocund play.”

It is no wonder that people went to rest in this place.  Surrounded by such beauty.

This stunning aquatint although unsigned is of the finest quality. It could possibly be by #FrancisJukes or #Thomas Walmsley. It is hand coloured with an exquisite technique.

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