Wensley Mill, Yorkshire

My wife and I have decided that a short holiday up north would do us good. There are a number of places which I am tempted to visit on the way. I have a number of pieces of art which have helped to hone my interest. We will look at just one.

I bought a small painting some time ago. It was done on an oak plank so has some age to it and has a couple of small chips which don’t deter too much from the overall effect. It is in need of a good clean and re-sealing though.

I know that there was an etching done from this painting (I believe) by engraver #GeorgeCuitt which was published in 1827. Hence my date of 1825.

Wensley Mill, Yorkshire – artist unknown (George Cuitt?) @ 1825?

The painting shows #WensleyMill in Yorkshire. The painting size is 250 mm by 385mm (the etching size is 240 X 300). There is a bit more to the right side of the painting than the etching. It is possible that that it was painted by George Cuit the Elder (1743-1818) or George Cuitt the Younger (1779-1854) prior to etching it.

The Wensley waterfall is tucked away from the view of passers-by. It tumbles down hidden by the old cottage used by the Wensley candlemakers. One can also visit the mill which at present is home to #WhiteRoseCandles

Of course, the wider Wensleydale area is famous for its crumbly cheese which was first made by a group of French monks who settled in North Yorkshire almost a thousand years ago. Also a favourite of Wallace and Gromit – the animated characters.

I think, you can see why I am tempted to visit. History calls out and beauty abounds. A good place for a visit.

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  1. David Scholey says:

    I’ve been there, well worth a visit

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