Walter Henry Sweet artist

Today we travel to the southwest of the country -Devonshire- to visit an artist who specialised in working in watercolour. A man who painted harbour scenes, cottage scenes and moorland. #WalterHenrySweet (1889-1943) was a prolific and popular artist at the beginning of the 20th century even though he did not exhibit his work outside of the southwestern area. He studied at the Exeter School of Art under tutor and friend John Shapland.

In Minehead – watercolour by Walter Henry Sweet @ 1910

After serving during WWI, Walter moved and resided in Dundee, Scotland. Here he worked as a commercial illustrator for James Valentine and Sons.

Boscastle – watercolour by Walter Henry Sweet @ 1910

I have two Walter Henry Sweet watercolours in my collection. They are, I think, sublime examples of his artistic style. His use of soft pinks, muted greens and browns. The first painting shown is titled ‘In Minehead’ and displays a street leading up toward St. Michael’s Anglican Church and the second painting simply titled ‘Boscastle’ showing a mother and child strolling along a lane. I hope you agree with me that Walter Henry Sweet should be better known than he is. Two beautiful works showing the idyllic countryside of the southwest.

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