Rudolf Haybrook artist

Today’s artist is better known for his WWII paintings some of which are in the #ImperialWarMuseum. #RudolfHaybrook (1898-1965) was a portrait and figure painted. He also designed sets for theatres. Haybrook was born in London, studied in Brighton and served in France during WWI. He was decommissioned due to shell shock. As WWII approached Rudolf was working for the Auxillary (London) Fire Service. He requested to become the official artist to the LFS but was denied due to lack of funds. Even so, Haybrook continued to paint all through his life and the wars. One would consider him a modern artist with tendencies toward impressionism.

Although this piece appears to be quite a realistic scene, Haybrook’s impressionistic side can be seen in the rendering of the trees on the right side of the painting.

The above pastel is not signed or titled but again displays the connection between realism and impressionism. A nicely performed work with good visual angles leading you past the man on the bench and down the path towards the indistinct people further away.

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