Art of Bridges

Man has built things to assist his development from his beginning.  #Bridges and their development through time epitomise the changes in design and materials available to man’s ingenuity. So two very different bridges ancient and modern from two different parts of the world.

Francis Scott Key Bridge by G Rosse

Francis Scott Key Bridge
by G Rosse

If I have done my research correctly (I hope I have) this is the #FrancisScottKeyBridge  as seen from Theodore Roosevelt Island in Washington DC.  It shows Georgetown University in the background.  It is a 6 lane concrete arched bridge called Route 29.  It was completed in 1923 and is Washington’s oldest surviving bridge across the Potomac River.  It was named after the composer of the American national anthem.

Why it has found its’ way across the ocean to England is unknown but it is fine image.  Although signed I am not sure the artist is C Grosse or G Rosse.

Double Arched Bridge artist unknown

Double Arched Bridge
artist unknown

To an old watercolour by an unknown artist of a #doublearchedstonebridge somewhere in the UK.  The painting has lists of numbers on the back so it suggests to me that it was painted by a surveyor while carrying out his work.  From the landscape I think somewhere in Scotland rather than England.

Two different bridges from two different centuries – different and yet much the same .

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