Jean Dryden Alexander artist

A look at a local artist, today. #JeanDrydenAlexander (1911 – 1994) was born at Priest Cottage, Shenfield, Essex. Her father (RGD Alexander) and mother (Effie Alexander) were well known watercolours. Through her parents circle of artist friends she met people such as HB Brabazon and Sir George Clausen. She and her family spent much of their time painting ‘en plein air’ across Essex and its’ coastline.

Sketch on verso by Jean Dryden Alexander

Jean was not only a painter but also a teacher. Teaching for 30 years at Brentwood County High School. During her lifetime, she travelled extensively and resided for 4 years in New Zealand. In 1974, she moved back to England and settled in Norfolk where she lived until her death.

A Deckchair Snooze by Jean Dryden Alexander

The sketch appearing on the verso appears to be a study for the watercolour which appears on the recto. A very pleasant image to look at. Just enough definition is used and leaves an image which draws you into it to see closer.

Label on matting
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