The Love of the Pen

When we moved to England, my daughter was 9 years old. I was amazed that children were taught to write using fountain pens. Fountain pens are not a regular site in early educational institutions in North America. Since moving here, I have become a fan of the fountain pen and love to use them and over the years I have collected a few. I don’t use all the pens I have collected, just a few. My daily pens tend to be Parkers and Sheaffers.

The first set is a Swan pen and pencil set in mosaic golden marble from around the 1930’s in their original box. There is just something beautiful about the design and appearance of a beautiful pen.

To real aficionados these pens are ‘writing instruments’ not just fountain pens. They, in and of themselves, are works of art. Each an individual creation when it comes to their appearance depending on what model, of course.

The next pen is made by Onoto de la rue. This pen again comes from the 1930’s. A very lovely pink/red pearl body with gold trim and gold nib. As I said, my usual pens are Parkers and Sheaffers, so to finish a number of Parkers from my collection. To begin – two Centennial Duofolds – one blue marble and the other black both with gold trim. The next is a pen and pencil ‘Premier’ set in lacque black @ 1983 (note the grip) followed by a Parker ‘Victory’ with red pearl body (@1940). And we finish with two Parker ‘Vacumatics’ (@1940), one in emerald green and the other in golden pearl. I am not a pen expert and certainly do not have any truly rare pens but the few I have are good models of their makers expertise. Truly not just pens but writing instruments.

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