Items of Interest

I often find myself adding things to my collection not for any monetary reasons but for glimpses into the past. Today, we look at two watercolours for such a reason.

‘A Distant View’ watercolour on Saint Montgolfier paper

We will begin with a landscape which displays a copse of trees standing alongside a wooden fence with some hills in the background. It is a nice image but not truly anything spectacular. It has interest not for its image but more for the watermark. This paper was made by #SaintMontgolfier. The family Montgolfier (two brothers) began making paper in the 18th century. The brothers are more famous for inventing the hot-air balloon. Over time the company merged to become Canson and Montgolfier – one of the greatest paper-makers in history. Used by artists and all who love supreme quality papers. The company continues to make paper and adapts itself to modern day requirements.

St Peters Church, Cambrifge

The second image is a watercolour of a church in the nearby city of Cambridge. St Peter’s is also known as St Peter by the Castle or St Peter beyond the Bridge. It was originally built in the 12th century. It is a single cell structure with octagonal spire. The present church was rebuilt on a slightly smaller scale in 1781. It retains a 12th century font as well as a 13th century doorway. The watercolour shown here is certainly early 19th century. Tidily tucked away in a quiet corner of Cambridge, St Peter’s is worth a visit.

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