Art on the Move

The holiday season draws to a close and I and my wife have have just returned from a short break with our dear friends in Wales.  And as is my wont, I bought some art.  After loading the car and departing, I thought it might be nice to stop at a charity shop which we pass by and lo and behold I bought a painting.  Mind you not just any painting.  A painting which would in fact barely fit into our loaded car.  It is a large 48″ by 36″ oil painting.  I did like it but in truth I bought it for the frame.  I have several large canvases which have never been stretchered or framed.  So into the car it squeezes for our trip and it had to live with us in the guest bedroom(no room for extra people with it in the car).  And travelled home it has.

Lakeside sceneby Harald Wentzel - oil painting

Autumn Lakeside scene
by Harald Wentzel – oil painting

As you can see there is some quality to the painting itself – which attracted me to it – as well as the frame.  It was signed but took me several hours to work out the correct lettering.  On deciphering the name, I ‘googled’ him and found that H. Wentzel is a listed artist.    Harald Wentzel (1897-?) was born in Praestoe, Denmark and was educated as a painter at private schools. He travelled extensively in Scandinavia and was especially fascinated by the changing seasons of nature – flora and fauna. He exhibited from 1927 at Den Frie (the Free Exhibition) and had a number of one-man exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. His paintings illustrate a fine sense of colour and a tremendous talent for capturing the harmony and solitude of nature.  If I am honest, it is too large for my small house but I could not resist hanging it, if only for a short while on the chimney breast.

I have a number of paintings in my collection which, so far, I have been unable to make out the artists name.

Swans in Flightunknown artist

Swans in Flight
unknown artist

This is one of them.  A lovely watercolour of two swans in flight on the coast.  In this case the signature has faded to unreadability – so I may never know who this artist is.  Well executed and finely drawn – a fine addition to my collection.  And to my readers, blessings in the new year.

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