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Chinese Painting

I have a number of Chinese paintings in my collection and love the techniques used. The utter simplicity with which the artist creates. Chinese landscape painting is considered the epitome of Chinese painting styles. It is associated with a refined … Continue reading

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Dehua Porcelain

Dehua porcelain is a white porcelain produced at Dehua in the Fujian province of China. The western or European name for it is ‘Blanc de Chine’ (white from China). #Dehua porcelain has been produced from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) to … Continue reading

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Parian and Wood Sculpture

#Parian is a type of bisque porcelain. ¬†It is named after the Greek island of Paros which is known for the fine textured marble of the same name. ¬†Created by Thomas Battam in 1851, it was first produced and sold … Continue reading

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