Xu Beihong painter

We visit a man who has become one of the great Chinese painters of the 20th century. #XuBeihong (1895-1953) is known mostly for his portrayals of horses and birds but he was at the forefront of Chinese artists which felt a need for a new artistic expression not only for themselves but for the new modern China.

Xu began his tutelage under his father at the age of six. Learning from classic works and calligraphy before moving on to painting after a few years. Xu studied in Tokyo and Paris but he always returned to China to teach and paint.

Xu was a master of both oils and ink, even so, most of his works are in the Chinese traditional style. In his endeavour to create a modern national art form, Xu combined Western perspective and compositional techniques with his loved traditional Chinese style. In his teach, Xu emphasised that artistic technique should be subject to the artist concept and life experience.

The above work #gallopinghorse is a #wallscroll from my collection. Whether it is an authentic Beihong or a fake is up to the professionals but it does have the correct signature and seals.

Wall scrolls were/are treasured pieces and due to their delicateness were/are only hung in the home on special occasions.

Copies of his works are plentiful and authentication should be done by professionals. Below is a piece which is certainly influenced by Beihong (I don’t think the seal is correct). Both are beautiful pieces and a tribute to a great artist.




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