Henry Scott Tuke artist

We travel to Cornwall to visit with artist #HenryScottTuke (1858-1929). Tuke was primarily an impressionist painter, both in oil and watercolour, as well as a photographer. He is best known for his paintings of nude boys and young men but there is little sexual tension in those representations and genitals were almost never displayed. Tuke trained at the Slade School of Art under the tutelage of Alphonse Legros and Sir Edward Poynter. He became a member of the #NewlynSchool. Tuke employed rash/rough brush strokes and a broad and vibrant colour palette. He loved to paint outdoors and was a master at the depiction of the effect of light on the objects it touched.

Tuke painted portraits, still lifes, landscapes and was also a fine marine painter of ships in full sail. Tuke had an interesting habit of putting different heads on the bodies he painted making it difficult to say who sat for what picture. Tuke was successful which allowed him to travel extensively but mainly to France, Italy and the West Indies.

Flowers in a Basket with Ribbons – watercolour initialled HST (Henry Scott Tuke?) date unknown

The above watercolour is initialled HST just beneath the base of the basket. I believe for Henry Scott Tuke. He was not known for still lifes but did create several of them. This one is created using the rough/free brush technique he was known for and the varied/fresh colour palette. A nice piece although somewhat atypical.

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