Jean Baptiste Camille Corot artist

#JeanBaptisteCamilleCorot (1796-1875) was an artist who spanned two worlds. The first being the neo-classical tradition and then the emerging field of Impressionism. He was a landscape, portrait painter who also was a proficient etcher/engraver. He was admired by many of his peers. Artists like Monet, Degas, and Picasso were among his admirers.

From my collection, I have two pieces for us to look at. The first is an engraving, which I have not found another image of, and, since it has been cut to the image edge, I have no information as to the artist or publisher although it is signed Corot in the plate lower right. It is a very fine etching with hand colouring. A pastoral scene with Diana and nymphs bathing, perhaps? The Corot oil painting hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg.

Three bathers near a wooded point – engraving by/after Corot @ 1870
Detail of ‘Three bathers near a wooded point’ – engraving by/after Corot @ 1870

The second piece is a heliogravure by artist C. Fitzgerald which comes from around 1890 to 1910. It is an image entitled – Recollection of Mortefontaine ‘Paysage’.

Recollection of Mortefontaine, ‘Paysage’ – heliogravure by C. Fitzgerald @ 1890-1910
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