Finding Beauty

I pick up pieces because they say something to me. I find beauty in them and yet they most likely will have limited monetary value. This past week, I acquired three items, which I think are good pieces of art, contain beauty, and are done by little known artists, if at all.

Odin, bloodhound – charcoal drawing after Landseer @ 1875

A fine charcoal drawing of a bloodhound after #EdwinHenryLandseer. The dogs name was Odin. It is initialed lower right.

The second is a small oil painting of Salisbury Cathedral, which was created around 1880 and is signed on the verso ‘Arnold’. A piece in the footsteps of John Constable.

Salisbury Cathedral – oil painting by Arnold @ 1880

The final piece is actually two and were found on the inside the front and back of a bookcover. I believe they are examples of early wallpaper. In their own way, they are quite beautiful. The same pattern with varied colours giving a completely different feeling to each.

Inside of front and rear book binding – fragments of wallpaper
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