Sybil Blunt artist

Today, we travel to Winchester to visit with artist #SybilBlunt (1880-1952). Few would have heard of her, but we can look back and admire her achievements. Sybil Blunt was a painter, a watercolourist, an engraver, and a draughtswoman. We most likely have never seen any of her works but we can see, possibly, her greatest and most admired work.

After the war, the National Federation of Women’s Institutes asked Sybil Blunt to design a commemorative work to celebrate the work done by women during the war. Every county in England and Wales was asked to stitch a section of the tapestry. Over 400 women were involved with the production of these pieces. As the 15 sections were finished; from across the country they were sent to Winchester to be assembled into a whole. This was completed in October 1952, some 9 months prior to Sybil Blunts’ passing. This epic and historically important work can now, still be seen at the #ImperialWarMuseum in London.

The Close, Winchester Cathedral – watercolour by Sybil Blunt @ 1932

I have one piece by Sybil Blunt in my collection. A fine view of Winchester Cathedral’s Close created in 1932. A beautiful tribute to a fine artist.

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