Some Canadiana

Having moved across the pond, some 25 years ago, I am always pleasantly surprised when I come across a piece of Canadian art as was the case today. To be true it is not a stunning work but just a competent one. It is a small oil on canvas which is unsigned and undated. The only reason I know that it is a work by a Canadian artist is that there is a gallery stamp on the verso.

Royal Gallery, Montreal, Canada stamp

My estimate for the age of the work is that it was created in the 1940’s to 1950’s but could be slightly earlier. The work itself is done in the Dutch School style of presenting still life images. Various types of flowers arranged in a vase. As I said, it is not an unpleasant work to look at.

Section of still life oil painting

The painting has some craquelure but that is not necessarily an indication of age since such crazing can been seen in works only a year old. There is some nice brush work and impasto to create shading and shadows.

Section of oil painting

Alas, there are a few small areas of loss. These can easily be repair by a professional restorer. Here again we see the fine brush work blending colours.

Oil painting from Royal Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Still life oil on canvas by unknown artist from Royal Gallery, Montreal, Canada

A pleasant image in the Dutch School style. If the gallery still exists possibly they might be able to tell me who the artist is from their catalogue number.

A nice find for being across the pond.

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