Richard Earlom engraver

A look at one of the finest mezzotint and stipple engravers of his day. #RichardEarlom (1743-1822) apprenticed under GB Cipriani to learn his craft of engraving. His studies brought him to work with #JohnBoydell for which he produced around 300 plates after #ClaudeLorain. His engravings were drawn after his contemporaries as well as old masters.

The Water Mill – mezzotint by Richard Earlom after Hobbema published by Boydell @ 1769

Earlom produced a great number of plates after artist Claude Lorrain who, himself, specialised in landscape painting.

from ‘Liber Veritatis’ by Richard Earlom after Claude Lorrain published by Boydell @ 1777

Boydell commissioned Earlom to produce some 200 mezzotints sfter works owned by the Duke of Devonshire. This work is known as the ‘Liber Veritatis’ and is Earlom’s greatest work and a milestone in the art of engraving.

The two pieces displayed are from my collection and show the supreme technique and artistry of Richard Earlom. A man well deserving his reputation.

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