JMW Turner engravings

This past week, I came across two engravings after #JMWTurner. That is not too extraordinary for I have other etchings after Turner but these are notable for both bear the Turner Studio blind stamp.Both line engravings are ‘first state’. The first displayed is #Stamford, Lincolnshire. A line engraving by William Miller. It bears the citations ‘ painted by JMW Turner’ (bl) and ‘engraved by William Miller’ (br) and the Turner Studio blind stamp just off the bottom edge of the image – but no title – even though there is room for it on the sheet.

Turner used the best engravers to copy his works. These two engravings come from #PicturesqueViewofEnglandandWales – a set of 96 engravings (120 intended engravings of which only 96 were published). Possibly the most ambitious project which Turner came to be involved with. Unfortunately it was not a success. Financial and editorial problems ended with Turner buying back the plates to his drawings at the last moment (just prior to them being auctioned off to the public). The plates remained in Turners possession until his death. They were later destroyed. The second image is of the magnificent #ShipoftheFens #ElyCathedral. Again a first state. There is lettering at all – no credits or title – but again has the blind stamp of the Turner Studio just below the image. This plate was engraved by Thomas Higham and certainly displays Turner’s expertise as an architectural draughtsman.

Two beautiful works by talented artists. Experts in their own rights and fields.

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