Federico Barocci, Mary with the Christ Child

We revisit an artwork , today, to add clarification. #Barocci (1533-1612) was an Italian painter and print maker. He was highly respected and influential in the Renaissance art world of the time. His work certainly influenced many artists who came after him, such as Rubens (Baroque era).

The work in my collection (shown) is a superb monochrome watercolour displaying a mother and child in a desert scene. I took the title from other etchings displaying almost the same image. They were all titled #HagarandIshmael, so I trusted the information. But as with numerous original artworks and their offspring via various artistic fields, they are renamed. The finished oil painting of this image hangs in the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden. The title of the oil painting is #MarywiththeChristChild. Why or how the title was changed, we might never know. Certainly the image might represent either of the known titles.

Either way, both are superb artworks.

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