Art around the Globe

This week has brought me into contact with a couple of pieces of art which come from locations which are on my list of places to visit.  I begin in the wonderful city of St Petersburg at one of the oldest and largest museums/galleries in the world.

Atlantestitled, signed & dated watercolour

Victor Tukhachevsky – watercolour     St Petersburg, 2000

We find ourselves at the entrance of the Hermitage Museum standing dwarfed by the Atlantes (Latin plural of Atlas). They are sculptured males figures which serve as supports of entablatures in place of columns or piers.  They are ten in number and created from grey Serdobol granite by Alexander Terebenev.  These granite men stand 5m (15 ft) in height(without plinth) so they are imposing and grand.  We stand in the cold and look toward St Isaac’s Cathedral.  A place filled with culture and history (it is a UNESCO world heritage site).  The most northerly city in the world with more than 1 million people (it has 5 million) and it lies on the Baltic Sea making it an important port as well.  Truly a place I hope to visit.

The next painting comes from Arequipa, Peru by the artist, Jose Portocarrrero Millones.  Portocarrero’s oil paintings (somewhat cubist in style) portray the every day lives of the people.

Water-carriers RestJose Portocarrero Millones - oil on canvas

Water-carriers Rest
Jose Portocarrero Millones – oil on canvas

I love the colours of this painting and the lines – straight lines – clean lines.  It has wonderful warmth and restful feel.   The people in traditional dress with their water jars beside them take a moments respite from their labours.  Alas, although I learned about this country while in school, it consisted mainly of Inca gold and conquistadors.  I’m sure their is so much more to this place but for now Peru is much of a mystery to me.  Hopefully some day I will visit and experience this place for myself.

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