Art of Queen’s

While considering what to blog about this week, I found myself going through my collection and discovering a couple of prints which might be of interest to some.  These prints are not tremendously old but they are local in perspective.

Queens’ College
W Westall del & J C Stadler sculpt

We have two views of Queens’ College, Cambridge.  These two images were originally produced for R. Ackermann’s ‘History of Cambridge’ in 1815.  In my search for information regarding these two prints, I have yet to find and image of  this first print.  The river is the River Cam and the bridge seen in this first view is the Silver Street Bridge.  The river which is used for punting nowadays was used for commercial trade as well as ferrying.

Queen's College from the Private WalkW Westall del & J Bluck sculpt

Queens’ College from the Private Walk
W Westall del & J Bluck sculpt

The second image is from the opposite side of Queens’ College but still along the River Cam.  One can see the Wooden Bridge or the Mathematical Bridge from this side. Although the bridge appears to be a curve it is comprised of only straight pieces of wood which were originally held together by iron spikes driven into the joints from the outside thus giving the appearance from the inside that it just fit together.  Bolts are certainly a modern addition to today’s bridge.  And the idea that Sir Isaac Newton built it is a myth since he died some 22 years prior to the construction of the original bridge.

These two prints are not old since they read ‘Reproduced from R Ackermann’s History of Cambridge and are printed on Basingwerk Parchment (which stopped being made about 25 years ago).  Whether this means that they are printed with the original plates, I do not know.  To me they have more of a lithograph appearance and are certainly not a dot matrix in any way.

And since I am talking about Queens’ College, I will repost my pen and ink drawing of ‘ The Lodge, Queens’ College’ with the Brandon Clock Tower in the background.  The clock tower can also be seen in the second image rising up above the college roof.

The Lodge, Queens' College pen & ink drawingH Toussaint 1880

The Lodge, Queens’ College pen & ink drawing
H Toussaint 1880

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