Art in Sequence

I came across a set/series of etchings a few days back.  They are numbered from I to IX.  Alas, I have only six of the series (I, III, IV, V, VIII, IX).  I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy looking at them finding  differences in line and shading,  Why has the artist changed this print over this series of productions?  What did they not like or what did they like.  A look at an artist’s mind as they proceed from form to form and depth to depth  in their works.  I present all six views here for your enjoyment and perusal.  I know nothing in regards to the artist – E. Sainsbury.  The translation for the Italian goes something like this (apologies)

So in this vastness are my thoughts drowned

And in this sea sweet is my shipwreck

State Roman IE. Sainsbury, March '78

State Roman I
E. Sainsbury, March ’78

State Roman IIIE. Sainsbury, march '78

State Roman III
E. Sainsbury, March ’78

State Roman IVE Sainsbury, March '78

State Roman IV
E Sainsbury, March ’78

State Roman VE. Sainsbury, April '78

State Roman V
E. Sainsbury, April ’78

State Roman VIIIE. Sainsbury, April '78

State Roman VIII
E. Sainsbury, April ’78

State Roman IXE. Sainsbury, April '78

State Roman IX
E. Sainsbury, April ’78

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