Discovering Art

I find it amazing what one can do with just a pencil or pen. Here are three original works. The portrait of an unknown lady in a bonnet, I believe to be quite old. It is unsigned and undated but of extremely good quality.

Lady in a Bonnet – pencil sketch
artist/date unknown

The next two pieces are by the same artist and are city scapes. The cathedral view could well be a British cathedral but the second street scene looks far more southern European to my eye. I have been unable to decipher the signature at the bottom of the drawings but they are both dated 1921. Anybody recognize either of these places? I will also add a photo of the signature just on the chance someone might be able to decipher it for me.

Cathedral view/street scene – pencil sketch
illegible signature – 1921

Street scene – pencil sketch
illegible signature – 1921

the illegible signature

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